Masarykova Univerzita

The team from MU is especially focused on:


  • creation of well-characterised biobank of clinical samples (WP3)
  • establishment of the NGS assay for mutational analysis of genes with high prognostic/predictive significance in CLL 
  • analysis of clonal competition among cell populations (WP5)
  • identification of miRNA-based biomarkers connected to therapy response, resistance and disease relapse in CLL using miRNA-seq (WP6)
  • transformation of standardized deep sequencing protocols into "leukemia diagnostic panels" (WP7)



Mgr. Katerina Pejchalova, Ph.D.
Project manager

Key investigators:
*Prof. RNDr. Sarka Pospisilova, Ph.D.
*Prof. MUDr. Michael Doubek, PhD.
*MVDr. Boris Tichy, Ph.D.

Masaryk Univerzity, Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC)
Research programme Molecular Medicine, research group Medical Genomics