Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

The Institute "L. e A. Seràgnoli"has two main missions: 

  • to promote clinical and transnational research in the field of blood deseases in order to improve diagnostic and therapeutic standards
  • to assist patients affected by blood deseases

UNIBO and Instituite "L. e A. Seràgnoli" researchers provide to the project the expertise necessary in the design and coordination of the European Hematological/NGS Platform (WP1-WP2) and contribute to all remaining WPs, focusing especially on:

  • creation of well-characterised biobank of clinical data and biological saples (WP3)
  • whole exome/transcriptiome NGS of all cases (WP4)
  • establishment of NGS assays for mutational analysis of candidate genes (WP5)
  • identification of miRNA-based biomarkers in all (WP6)
  • transformation of standardized deep sequencing protocols into "leukemia diagnostic panels" and implementation of relevant biomarkers into clinical diagnostic routine (WP7)

Prof. Giovanni Martinelli
Department of Specialistic, Diagnostic and Experimental Medicine, University of Bologna
I-40138 Bologna, Italy

Phone +39 051 390413 - Fax +39 051 398973