The multidipliscinary approach will enable the actuation of a work plan consisting of a total of 8 Work Packages (WPs) and spanning a temporal frame of 36 months. WPs are independent, yet tightly related, parts of the overall project, each one being led by one of the Consortium partners and subdivided into very specific Tasks. Besides the core scientific and technological WPs, the work plan also includes activities such as ethical surveillance, project quality assessment and project management.

The first WP (WP1) is devoted to the management and coordination activities, which are necessary for the smooth realisation of the project.

The constitution of a European Hematological/NGS Platform (WP2) and the creation of a biological and clinical biobank and Data Warehouse (WP3) will provide the basis of the project by ensuring the collection, storage and management of the large cohorts of clinically well-characterized leukemia samples to be analyzed.

Experimental assays, such as whole exome/transcriptome sequencing (WP4), amplicon-based sequencing (WP5) and miRNA sequencing (WP6), will instead provide biological findings to be correlated to clinical data for the identification of the most relevant molecular markers for leukemia diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic decision making.

These findings will drive the development of new diagnostic and prognostic tools by the SMEs involved in the project, allowing an effective translation of the obtained results on industry applications (WP7) which will allow a better patients’ stratification according to a personalized medicine approach.

Dissemination and exploitation of the project results (WP8) will be finally performed towards a wide community of academics, professional caregivers, policy makers, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as to the general public, throughout Europe.